Monday, May 22, 2017

World Champion Nicky Hayden: 07/30/1981 - 05/22/2017. Raced Motorcycles For A Living, Killed By A Car While Riding His Bicycle.

American racer Nicky Hayden passed away today from injuries suffered in a bicycle crash last week in Italy.

A statement released by the hospital confirmed the news. Hayden never regained consciousness after the impact of the crash between his bicycle and a car. He had been kept on life support for nearly a week while his family sought solutions to his very dire diagnosis.

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Oddly, the whole story was basically ignored by the Bicycling Media. Yes, Hayden was an alien to bicyclists, being he was a Motorcyclist, first. However, people would be amazed at the huge cross-over between Cyclist/Motorcyclists and Motorcyclist/Bicyclists. They are not mutually exclusive as many people believe. Specialized, for one, sponsors a whole lot of Professional Motorcyclists, and they understand the benefits of bicycling to a racers overall fitness.

I, myself, have seen the benefits of combining bicycling with my motorcycling life, and I have been doing both for years now. And, I am not alone in this philosophy among motorcyclists.

To sum it all up, you'd think the Bicycling Media would get it, too. Nah, they don't. They're part of the whole Bicycle Racer/Snob mentality that pervades the sport. In short, the Bicycling Media sucks!

Godspeed, Nicky.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

From The "This Crap Needs To Stop" File: Former MotoGP World Champion, And Current World Superbike Rider, Nicky Hayden, In Critical Condition After Being Struck By Car In Italy While On A Bicycle Training Ride.

American World Superbike racer and former MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden was hospitalized after being hit by a car while training on his bicycle on public roads today in Italy.

A translation of a report appearing in Italian at said Hayden was riding with a group of cyclists at around 2:00 p.m. local time when he was struck by a car and suffered severe head and chest trauma. Photos posted with the article show a car with significant impact damage to its windshield and roof.

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Footnote: Imagine that; You race your whole career on motorcycles, upwards of 200 MPH, and it is an inattentive driver that finally takes you out - While on your friggin' bicycle!